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If I buy an in-ground system, what additional items will I need to purchase for installation?
Plan on spending approximately $15 to $20 on concrete and one 1/2" x 3' piece of rebar. Rebar is a steel rod used in the cementing process of in-ground systems. You also must wait 72 hours for the cement to dry before you can play.
Why does an in-ground pole system need to be filled with cement?
The cement has two purposes. First, it fills up space to stop condensation from changing temperatures, which causes rust to develop on the unpainted inside surface of the pole. In addition, it enhances the rigidity and dampens vibrations of the pole system.
Should I purchase an "adjustable" or "fixed height" basketball system?
If the basketball system is being purchased for children, an adjustable unit is a must! Only an adjustable goal system will accomodate a variety of age groups. Another quality of adjustable systems is the ability to lower the goal to dunk. If an adjustable height system is not necessary and you compete consistently on a 10' system, then a fixed height system would be your best choice.
What type of antifreeze is used to protect a water-filled portable base through the cold winter months, and how much is needed?
A non-toxic recreational vehicle (pink) antifreeze is used, and two gallons will adequately keep the water from freezing solid. Antifreeze is only necessary in some of the portable units. Units made out of a polyethylene plastic do not require antifreeze (they will expand with the water when it freezes). Please read your owner's manual to determine which base you have.