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Model 8206 LED Indoor Basketball Scoreboard [8206]    


• OVERALL DIMENSION: 2’6”high x 6’ wide x 5” deep.
• INFORMATION DISPLAYED: Game Time, Home and Guest Score, Period, Fouls, Double Bonus, Possession. May also be used for wrestling.
• DIGITS: Bright Red and Amber, 7-Segment LEDs.
• GAME TIME: 10” High Red Digits, Shall register 0:00 - 99:59, 1/10 second capable.
• SCORE: 8” High Amber Digits, Shall register 0-99.
• PERIOD: 8” High Amber Digits, Shall register 1-4.
• POSSESSION: Indicated by 2” Red LED Indicators.
• BONUS / DOUBLE BONUS: Indicated by 2” Amber LED Indicators.
• CAPTIONS: White vinyl letters.
• CONSTRUCTION: 5” extruded aluminum frame, .093” thick. Face panels made from shatter resistant polycarbonate (Black, Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Violet, Maroon, Red, Dark Green, Green, custom colors available).
• ELECTRONICS: 100% solid state, microprocessor controlled system.
• SERVICING: Front access for ease of servicing. Plug in modules for ease of replacement.
• MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL CONSOLE: Extruded Aluminum, high impact low profile microprocessor control console, latest state of the art, user friendly.  size: 13.25” wide x 5” high x 9” deep. Weight: 6 lbs. Microprocessor to be supplied with 25 feet of cable (hardwire). Microprocessor control console with membrane keyboard provides for direct entry of all information. Radio Control is available.
• JUNCTION BOX: One junction box 5” x 3” with cover and plug. (Hardwire)
• DATA CABLE: Twisted pair, direct burial, RJ45 Connectors.
• POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120VAC. Minimum one 20A circuit is recommended.
• INSTALLATION: May be mounted to nearly any wall surface.AASA
• WEIGHT: Net 65 lbs / Shipping 140 lbs.
• WARRANTY: Five year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Factory repair service for parts in warranty. Union label.
• Shipping included (UPS)

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Wireless: Wireless ( + $615.00 )


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