Wall and Column Padding

Protective Wall and Column Padding

Sports Facility Safety

Safety is important everywhere and sports facilities are no exception.  Half Court Sports offers safety padding to outfit your indoor or outdoor sports facility.  Our standard Bodyguard wall padding uses 2” thick foam with heavy duty vinyl covers available with or without 7/16” thick OSB wood backing.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  For extra team spirit we offer High Impact pads available with a digital print on the vinyl which allow you to customize the look of the pads with logos and pictures so the possibilities are endless.  Most complexes also have other structures that need safety pad protection such as exit doors, square or round columns, i-beams, corners or maybe a stage front.  First Team can handle most any request and provide a customized set of pads to cover most situations to keep players and spectators safe. Safety padding is made one of two ways.  “WOOD BACKED” safety pads are designed with a 1” lip top and bottom to allow the pad to be screwed to the wall or other structure.  “FOAM ONLY” pads a made with stick back velcro sewn to the back side of the pad for peel and stick installation. We also offer velcro or grommet closure for wrap around style pads.