Gymnasium Upgrade Packages

What Are Gymnasium Basketball Backboard Upgrade Packages?

When you are outfitting your basketball court, it's important that all your equipment is compatible. By ordering a gymnasium basketball upgrade package, you can ensure that your backboard, breakaway rim and backboard padding are designed to work in tandem with each other.

Each of the basketball upgrade packages you see here can be purchased as a set to ensure that you have the best possible equipment. You'll find that every set includes:

  • Backboard

  • Rim

  • Padding

You can choose the color of your padding to coordinate the right look on any court.

Each piece of TuffGuard bolt-on padding that comes in these sets is designed to protect your players from the sharp corners on the bottom of the backboard. This padding prevents cuts and scrapes without interfering with gameplay.

We have competition glass backboards that won't break during gameplay, even when players are dunking aggressively, and our breakaway basketball rims are designed for flexibility, durability and reliability.

Why Do You Need an Upgrade Package?

When you purchase an entire basketball backboard package, you're getting everything you need for safe gameplay. Rather than purchasing each item separately, you can save money and ensure compatibility by ordering one of our upgrade packages. Few things are worse than ordering separate items and realizing that they don't fit after you've unpacked them; our upgrade packages prevent that from happening.

Each product included in our basketball upgrade packages is covered by our unparalleled warranties. We include the warranties because our products are rugged and strong, and we stand behind everything we manufacture. When you choose First Team, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Our affordable basketball upgrade packages are designed for competition or recreational use, so you can choose the right package for your needs. Whether you are building a gymnasium from scratch or you need to replace old, worn basketball equipment, First Team has you covered.