Football Accessories

Football Goalpost Padding and Accessories from First Team Inc.

Designed to enhance gameplay and add safety, First Team’s huge selection of football accessories includes products to meet your specific football field needs and requirements. We have high-quality goalpost pads - including custom goalpost pads manufactured with your team’s name and colors - that meet all NCAA and NFHS rules for safe gameplay. These pads are made with heavy-duty weatherproof vinyl and come with a one-year limited warranty for complete purchase protection. Choose from thick foam post pads or vinyl wraps that add safety and style to your posts.

Whether you want to mark off the end zone or you need to protect your players when they collide into goal posts, First Team has everything you need for your football field. Our extensive selection of football accessories includes goal post padding, sideline markers, streamers and so much more.

Football Field Accessories from First Team

Safety always comes first. Whether you're coaching a junior league or fostering tomorrow's NFL heroes, it makes sense to choose First Team for all your football field accessories. Our products promote safety and help your players, and they're all affordable, durable and reliable.

Post Pads for Football Goalposts

Our extensive selection of footfall goalpost pads includes a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Our post pads meet all NCAA and NFHS rules, and the ultra-absorbent foam we use is covered in weatherproof vinyl. Each features Velcro closures, and they're available in 16 colors. You can even add optional lettering when you order.

Football Sideline and End Zone Markers

We carry football sideline markers and end zone markers. Our sideline and end zone markers are made from tough, sturdy materials so they can stand up to poor weather conditions, and they are bright orange for high visibility.

Football Field Safety Products 

From ground sleeves for goalposts to access frames for football ground sleeves, you'll find everything you need to keep goalposts secure and the playing field safe at First Team.