Tennis and Pickleball Accessories


Tennis and Pickleball Accessories from First Team Inc.

First Team provides unique installation options for tennis posts.  Most tennis posts on the market today are installed one of two ways.  Either the post is cemented directly into a concrete footing like a fence post, or it is installed into a steel, aluminum or plastic sleeve.  The second method provides the option for the tennis post to be removed from the court surface for storage or replacement.  However, this option can leave an open “hole” in the ground surface that can be an injury hazard.  Capping the sleeve is an option to prevent injury, but sleeve caps often leave a “lip” above the playing surface which can also be a tripping hazard or impediment if the court is used for other sports.  First Team’s unique FT5001 ground socket solves this problem.  Our FT5001 socket is built to the same specification as sockets commonly found on indoor basketball floors used for volleyball.  We’ve taken this same concept and adapted it for tennis and pickleball posts.  When the post is removed, a hinged lid on the floor socket shuts and rests flush to the playing surface.  This provides a smooth surface for players of other sports such as basketball where sockets are not needed.  If you are wanting to know how to build a tennis court or pickleball court to be used as a multi-sport court, check out First Team’s options first.  No other removable post system will give you the quality and flexibility.