Football Goals and Equipment 

Half Court Sports offers a full line of football goal posts and equipment.

First Team football goal posts are manufactured with top quality performance, easy setup and performance in mind. Only First Team football equipment offers the ease of use, long term durability and performance you expect. Our huge selection of football goalposts are available in 4 1/2", 5 9/16" and 6 5/8" post diameters. All football posts are available as high school or collegiate widths in either safety yellow or white.

First Team is the only company to offer mistake proof installation. Once the post is installed, the crossbar may be set anywhere from 6'8" to 8' in front of the post, making misplaced football posts a thing of the past. First Team also offers an optional adjustable crossbar width feature that allows the crossbar to be adjusted from high school width down to collegiate width for fields that are shared between schools.

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