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How to Measure Basketball Hoop Height

Posted by admin on Nov 13th 2021

How To Measure Basketball Hoop HeightThere is a simple way to measure the height of a basketball hoop. However, most people don't know the proper way to check official basketball rim height for the s … read more

Basketball Court Buying Guide

Posted by admin on Nov 12th 2021

Basketball Court Buying Guide This basketball court buying guide was designed to help you build the perfect basketball court for your driveway, backyard, school, church, playground, or recreational … read more

Storing Your Athletic Equipment for the Winter

Posted by This article was written by, the leading provider of manufacturer-specific building product information, high-quality CAD drawings, 3D models, BIM files, and projects. You can view First Teams’ profile on here. Also check ou on Nov 9th 2021

As the cold weather makes its appearance, individuals need to consider the storage of athletic equipment for the winter months. While it can be tempting to just shove all of the equipment in a designa … read more
How to Adjust Basketball Goal Height

How to Adjust Basketball Goal Height

Posted by admin on Oct 20th 2021

How to Adjust Basketball Goal Height by First Team The process used to adjust the basketball goal height depends completely on the type of basketball system you own. Please note: if you own a "f … read more