Tennis and Pickleball Sets

Tennis and Pickleball Net Systems at Half Court Sports

Tennis is one of the most popular of net games in America.  Half Court Sports offers durable equipment with unique features you won’t find on many competitors inferior tennis post sets.  With Half Court Sport's First Team tennis posts, gone are the days of bent or leaning tennis posts.  Our heavy duty poles are made from aluminum which will not weaken due to rust and are made from exceptionally thick material to stand straight and true year after year.  Our tennis nets are made from weatherproof materials with heavy duty stitching that will not fray or come apart in the weather.  Net tensioning safety is key.  Our worm gear net tensioner will not backdrive preventing risk of hand injury from common type winches that may violently freewheel while cranking.

Pickleball is a relatively new sport which shares many similarities with tennis and is growing in popularity all across the country.  Pickleball may be played singles or doubles like in tennis.  However, pickleball is played on a smaller court and players use solid “paddles” to hit a ball similar to a whiffle ball back and forth.  First Team pickleball posts are built to the same rigid standards as our tennis posts.  All weather aluminum construction and thick wall tubing provides straight and sturdy performance.  Our unique pickleball post design allows the 36” tall post to telescope 6” higher so it can double as a tennis post when used on multisport courts.  The pickleball nets we make are also made from the same materials as our tennis nets for true competition performance and durability.  Ground sockets are available for easy post removal.