Soccer Accessories

Choose First Team for all Your Soccer Accessories

When you're looking for soccer accessories, First Team is the perfect place to start. Our extensive selection of soccer accessories includes nets, backstays, padding and so much more. You will find everything you need to set up a successful soccer field when you shop with us.

First Team has everything you need to turn your residential or commercial soccer facility into a pro-level play space. We have heavy-duty hexagonal soccer nets  made with long-lasting and durable high-tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) and professional style hexagonal mesh. These soccer nets come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific goal size and can be ordered with soccer goal components such as backstays and posts for a custom configuration. All soccer goal packages are complete, including everything needed for the soccer goal.

We also carry a large selection soccer post padding that’s perfect for schools, gyms, recreational facilities, practice fields and more. This padding adds a layer of thick cushioning to the soccer goal’s posts to ensure the safety of all players on the field without affecting ball rebounds off posts. Don’t forget to shop our complete variety for items such as official soccer corner flags, soccer goal ground anchors, wheel kits for portable soccer goals and net stakes that can be used for both permanent and semi-permanent soccer nets.

Soccer Nets from First Team

We carry a variety of heavy-duty hexagonal soccer nets in several sizes. Most of our nets feature 3-millimeter mesh diameter and are designed for aggressive gameplay. Featuring non-abrasive, knotless netting that can be used with a number of soccer goal brands, our netting is rugged, sturdy and durable.

Anchors, Stakes and Wheel Kits

In order to help you have the best soccer season possible, we carry all the accessories you need to make portable goals sturdy and stay in place. We have a number of soccer goal ground anchors, net stakes for permanent and semi-permanent soccer nets, and wheel kits you can use on portable soccer goals. 

Soccer Corner Flags

Mark your field with official soccer corner flags that feature weighted bases for added stability on turf field or choose push-in ground anchor flags for grass fields. No matter how you decide to mark off boundary lines, we have the flags to help you do it.

Because we specialize in creating durable, reliable and affordable sports equipment, and because we offer our industry-leading warranties on all the products we manufacture, First Team should be your first choice for soccer nets, pads and accessories.