Basketball Nets

Basketball Nets 

Whether you're building an outdoor court that needs to stand up to tough environmental conditions or you're creating a competition-worthy indoor court, Half Court Sports has the right basketball goal nets for you. Our heavy-duty basketball nets are made from the finest materials and designed to last, so when you shop with us, you know you're getting the highest quality at the best prices.

Nylon Basketball Nets

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, our bright white, braided nylon basketball nets are designed to last. They're lightweight and provide the perfect return on each shot your players sink, and they're sturdy enough to withstand aggressive gameplay.

Anti-Whip Basketball Nets

While lightweight nets work well in many applications, sometimes you need an anti-whip basketball net. Our heavy-duty, nylon anti-whip basketball nets are made from thick, braided fibers that reduce whip that's common with lighter nets. These bright white nets are perfect for competition play and will eliminate the risk of game being stopped to untangle the net from the rim.

Chain Basketball Nets

Half Court Sports offers chain basketball nets designed to eliminate the risk of player injury while providing the rugged durability you need for outdoor use. We have economy chain nets that are zinc-plated and can attach to any style goal with “S” hooks, and they're designed to last much longer than nylon nets do in outdoor environments. We also offer premium steel safety nets, which also attach with “S” hooks and feature welded loops to lower the risk of finger injury.

Choosing the Right Basketball Net for Your Needs

Because we offer nylon and chain basketball nets, it's easy to choose what's right for your application. Whether you're in charge of the parks and recreation department for your city or you're looking for a competition-grade, nylon anti-whip basketball net, you'll find it at First Team.

Each of our nets is covered by our comprehensive manufacturer warranty, so when you order from us, you can put your players on the court with confidence.