In Ground Adjustable Goals

Quality In Ground Adjustable Basketball Goals

For serious slam dunk durability and stability, choose an in ground adjustable basketball hoop from Half Court Sports. These super secure goals provide exceptional performance in your commercial or residential space and are adjustable to a variety of heights. Choose from direct bury posts, ground sleeve or bolt down removable, so you can relocate it if you move or decide you want to re-install it in a different part of your property. A variety of backboard sizes and materials are available for complete court customization.

With adjustments ranging from 10 feet all the way down to 5 feet 6 inches, your hoop will accommodate players of all ages and abilities, making it perfect for home, schools, parks, recreational facilities and more. Adjustment is fast and easy with our easy-to-use, proprietary height adjustment mechanisms that allow you to easily adjust the rim height to your preferred level. These hoops are designed for rigorous play using only high-end, high-quality components that won't deteriorate over time. Safety provisions are essential for young or aggressive players, which is why we offer heavy-duty padding for all of our posts and backboards. Custom lettering for post pads is available upon request.

Adjustment Styles - One Type Does Not Fit All

Half Court Sports offers an array of adjustment styles.  Below is a description of the styles of adjustable basketball goals you will find here.

Insta-Just  This type of basketball hoop has an adjustment mechanism mounted on the front side of the post.  A pole or broom handle can be inserted behind the backboard to ratchet the rim height down from 10’ to 7 ½’ in six inch increments.  Our CHAMP models use this style of adjustment.

Quik-Pin – This type of basketball goal has a handle on the back side of the post.  Remove the Quik-Pin to allow the handle to be moved up or down to change the rim height.  Calibrated counterbalance springs do all the lifting work to make adjustment effortless.  Replace the Quik-Pin at any height between 10’ and 7’ in six inch increments.  Our SLAM models use this adjustment type.

Front EZ-Crank – This type of basketball goal has a removable crank handle on the front side of the post.  With the crank on the front side of the post, this unit is great for use where the basketball post must be installed very close to a wall, fence or other obstructions.  Simply turn the crank handle to raise or lower the rim height anywhere between 10’ and 7’.  Our VECTOR models use this adjustment type.

Rear EZ-Crank – This type of basketball goal has a crank handle on the back side of the post.  Simply turn the crank handle to raise or lower the rim height infinitely from 10’ down to as low as 5 ½’ on many models.  Our JAM, ATTACK, FORCE, TITAN, STAINLESS OLYMPIAN, POWERHOUSE CHALLENGER, POWERHOUSE 5 and POWERHOUSE 6 all use this type of adjustment.

Unbeatable Quality and Performance with Every Shot

Each in ground adjustable basketball goals from Half Court Sports is backed by a Lifetime Superior Warranty or a Lifetime Limited Warranty to ensure that you're always in the game. We offer in ground hoops made from long-lasting, heavy-duty materials. In fact, we are proud to offer the only adjustable, rust-proof stainless steel basketball goal on the market: the Stainless Olympian. This high-tech hoop is sure to outperform any basketball goals on the planet, with its welded dual strut extension arm and Low Center of Gravity Pole Structure. All of our action-packed in ground adjustable basketball hoops are made in the USA for Grade-A quality and performance.