In Ground Fixed Height Goals

Long-Lasting In Ground Fixed Height Basketball Goals

Perfect for when adjustable rim heights are not needed, our in ground fixed height basketball hoops provide rugged stability for heavy play. Half Court Sport's fixed height basketball hoops are virtually indestructible for amazing security, even when players hang off the rim or dunk the ball through the hoop. Additionally, they're designed for intense performance and stability in the wind and harsh weather.

These high-performance hoops are made for durability and safety without compromising your budget, and we've got a hoop that matches your price constraints and preferences. These in ground fixed height basketball units are available in a variety of post sizes and shapes. Choose from square or round posts in sizes from 4” to 6 5/8” diameter. We offer powder coated poles as well as galvanized finish for difficult salt spray coastal conditions. Backboards are available in tempered glass, clear acrylic, steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Backboard sizes range from 48” wide up to regulation 72” wide. 

Half Court Sport’s offers the most durable basketball rims in the industry. All of our basketball rims are designed to withstand the rigors of aggressive home or playground courts. Choose from single or double ring styles with or without breakaway action. For most aggressive playground courts, we recommend the FT172D fixed rim, this rim is virtually indestructible where a “no maintenance required” rim is desired. Players love the look and feel of First Team’s FT187 heavy duty flex rim. This is a great upgrade choice from our standard FT186, when extra durability is needed and players want a rim that flexes down when they hang on it. Rim exchanges and switch outs are available on any fixed height basketball system upon request. When it comes to rigidity and durability you cannot match the performance of a fixed height basketball goal from Half Court Sports.