Advantages and Versatility of Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

Advantages and Versatility of Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

Posted by admin on Jan 18th 2022

Advantages and Versatility of Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

Tip-N-Roll Bleachers are an innovative seating solution that many sports facilities are using to provide comfortable, safe seating for spectators. Learn more about this unique bleacher style and why it's such a smart investment for facility managers in this handy guide.

What are Tip-N-Roll Bleachers?

FanStand Tip-N-Roll Bleachers are a unique product. These bleacher sets look just like normal bleachers do. However, wheels have been attached on the back of the back seat support for a convenient purpose. The bleachers can be tipped back onto these wheels for easier transportation and storage. In addition rubber floor protectors are included under the bottom of the frame so that floors won't be damaged when tipping the bleachers up and down. Tip-N-Roll Bleachers are recommended for indoor use but can be used outdoors and rolled on hard, smooth surfaces.

Tip-N-Roll Bleacher Advantages

There are a number of benefits associated with using Tip-N-Roll Bleachers for spectator seating, including:

  • Portability: The lightweight structure and sturdy wheels make it easy to move these bleachers anywhere you need them to go.
  • Height: FanStand Tip-N-Roll Bleachers are designed so the highest seat level is below 30" above ground level, eliminating the need for safety railing.
  • Durability: Basic framing is all welded structural angle with bolted cross bracing to maximize bleacher strength for end shift loads.
  • Style: The bleacher planks are available in several popular colors, and the steel under structure is powder-coat painted black.
  • Painted Bleacher Plank.JPG

Tip-N-Roll Bleacher Versatility

Because these bleachers are so easy to move around, they offer endless options when it comes to spectator seating. You can position them along the sidelines for games, but keep them safely stored away during practices. The bleachers' smaller size also makes it possible to place them in several spots throughout larger sporting facilities which contain multiple courts or indoor fields. You can also customize your bleacher layout depending on the size of crowd you are expecting, or use your Tip-N-Roll Bleachers for auxiliary seating for high attendance events.

Add some Tip-N-Roll Bleachers from First Team to your indoor facility to enjoy the great benefits and versatile seating options mentioned here.