Athletic Equipment Designed for Safety

Athletic Equipment Designed for Safety

Posted by admin on Jan 20th 2022

Athletic Equipment Designed Around Safety

If safety is your number one priority, you've come to the right place. First Team offers a great selection of athletic equipment designed with player safety in mind. You'll love that so many of our products include features that keep athletes safer. In addition, you'll be getting durable equipment that's backed by an industry-leading warranty. Check out some of our many options for safe athletic equipment.


For items like portable basketball goals, volleyball net posts and football goals, adding padding is an easy way to increase safety without going over budget. First Team offers an excellent selection of padding for the actual posts of the goals as well as backboard padding. These items can easily be added to your equipment to reduce sports-related injuries on the court or on the field. Many of our products have actually been designed to comply with NCAA or high school specifications as well.

An added bonus with safety padding is that it offers a great opportunity to add a little extra team spirit to your games. Many of our athletic equipment padding products can be made with team colors and/or custom lettering in order to show support for the home team.


Not all nets for athletic equipment are made with safety in mind. That's why First Team sells netting products that are geared at keeping players protected during games. For example, our Heavy Duty HTPP Hexagonal Soccer Nets are made with non-abrasive, knotless netting. This prevents burns, scrapes and cuts from incidents involving the net while still providing a durable backdrop for your goal.

For volleyball, we offer net cable covers. This handy product can easily be added to the net to keep players safe when they come into contact with the net cables.

These and other helpful safety products can be found at First Team. We're dedicated to providing a variety of athletic equipment that will help keep your players safe.