Basketball Hoop Maintenance Checklist

Basketball Hoop Maintenance Checklist

Posted by admin on Dec 30th 2021

Basketball Hoop Maintenance Checklist

You have invested money in a basketball hoop to add recreational value to your driveway, improve your game, or give your kids something to do when you chase them outside to get some exercise and fresh air. Now you have to make sure you know how to keep that hoop and backboard in good shape so that your investment pays off.

Getting Ready for Use

Although most basketball systems made for outdoor use are rust-resistant and designed to last a long time, it still doesn't hurt to be fully aware of everything you can do to keep your hoop and backboard in tip-top shape for an extended service life. Portable basketball system weights are either water-based, sand-based or use concrete blocks. If your system is sand-based, it has more density than water, so the goal is likely to stand firmly in place for a long time. Water-based systems are susceptible to gradual evaporation when the weather is very warm, a drawback that is not a factor with sand-based systems. Â Sand-based systems, however, are more expensive, because sand costs more than water. If you have a water-based system, refill it periodically to maintain stability and also to ensure safety. If too much water evaporates without being replenished, the hoop could fall over and possibly injure you or your kids. First Team does not recommend using water for ballast on any First Team portable unit.

Another aspect of taking good care of your basketball system has to do with how it is actually used. If you purchase an inferior brand, rough, aggressive treatment will hinder the longevity of a hoop, backboard and pole. Anyone can dunk on an adjustable basketball goal, and if your system is going to be used by advanced hoopsters whose aggressiveness and athletic ability frequently takes them above the rim, it only follows logically that a hoop that is being dunked on is subject to significantly more abuse than a hoop that only receives jump shots, free throws and gentle layups.

Routine Maintenance

What kind of regular maintenance should I do for my portable basketball hoop?

Even the best basketball system will need some attention from time to time. The net will need to be replaced every 1-5 years. The paint may also fade or get scratched or chipped. When this happens make sure to touch up the paint using a satin black outdoor spray paint such as Rust-Oleum. Make sure proper ballast is installed and remains installed on any portable basketball system. Lack of ballast in a portable basketball goal is the number one cause of rim and backboard damage due to tip over caused by strong winds. Portable basketball hoops can be brought down to their lowest possible setting so you can wheel the system into a garage in anticipation of an extended stretch of nasty or inclement weather. Pole padding may also be removed on in-ground units during winter months if desired. Check nuts and bolts for tightness once per year. When you limit your basketball system's exposure to adverse elements like bad weather, you are proactively prolonging the life of your hoop and backboard through vigilant maintenance practices.