Football Goal Post Dimensions

Football Goal Post Dimensions

Posted by admin on Jan 21st 2022

Football Goal Post Dimensions

Football goal posts are available for commercial and residential applications. The dimensions of the goal post will vary depending on the cost and size of the unit. Below you will find the three most common standards for regulation size football goal posts, as well as a size for a suitable premium-quality residential football goal post.


For high school use, the most popular post diameter is 4 ½". A football goal post with a 4 ½" diameter post will typically be designed with anywhere from 48" to 78" of offset. Offset is the distance from the goal posts to the crossbar. First Team's ALL STAR football goal posts are designed with an adjustable offset allowing it to be fined-tuned and adjusted to the lines on the football field. The ALL STAR's offset can be set anywhere between 72"-78" during installation.

For more competitive high school and standard collegiate football fields, football goal posts with 5 9/16" diameter are most popular. Goal posts of this width typically have a 72"-96" offset. The ALL AMERICAN is the unit First Team builds in this size. The goal post is designed with a telescoping offset feature, allowing the offset to be positioned anywhere from 81"-102". The variable offset ability makes this unit extremely popular for multi-use fields where soccer, lacrosse and other sports are played, in addition to football.

The largest football goal post available features a 6 5/8" diameter post. This size is typically used strictly for Division 1 or NFL football programs. This size is commonly available with a 96" offset. First Team's ALL PRO line of football goal posts also offers an adjustable offset. At time of installation, the ALL PRO is capable of any offset measuring from 81"-102". This added offset ability not only adds an extra measure of safety to the field, but also provides the added versatility needed for multisport fields.

Each of the above sizes of football goal post is usually available with two crossbar widths: high school and collegiate/NFL. The official crossbar width for high school football is 23'4", while the official crossbar width for the NCAA and NFL is 18'6".