How to Determine What Size of Bleachers Your Facility Needs

How to Determine What Size of Bleachers Your Facility Needs

Posted by admin on Jan 14th 2022

How to Determine What Size of Bleachers Your Facility Needs

Buying new bleachers is a great upgrade for any sports facility. But if you're not sure what size of bleachers to purchase, it can cause stress over whether your chosen seating will be sufficient. Use this helpful guide to figure out the perfect size of bleachers for your gym, volleyball or basketball court, soccer field or other sports facility.

Consider Current & Future Attendance

The first place to start when you're searching for the right bleachers is to consider the current admission numbers for games. If you sell tickets, you can go back and look at your records to see how many tickets have been sold. Those who don't track attendance may have to go to games to count the number of spectators. It will take a little research, but having an idea of the maximum number people you need to provide seats for will help you narrow down your bleacher options.

Of course, if seating has been insufficient in the past, you may want to consider that attendance could increase once you install new seating. When fans know there is plenty of comfortable seating available, it makes the prospect of attending a game seem more enticing.

Calculate Your Facility Size

Make sure that you take exact measurements of your facility before you order bleachers. You don't want your new seating to arrive only to find out that it won't fit. Additionally, you'll need to consider how your bleachers will be stored when not in use. FanStand Indoor Tip-N-Roll Bleachers, for example, feature wheels on the back that make them easy to transport into a storage space, but you'll still need to measure to make sure they can fit through the entryway.

Don't Forget the Players

When you order new bleachers, you may also want to get new benches for players and coaches to use on the sidelines. First Team offers a great selection of portable and fixed benches that will complement your new bleachers. First Team also offers custom padded folding chairs for sideline use.

Provide plenty of seating for spectators by ordering new portable or stationary bleachers for your facility. First Team offers a great selection of safe, comfortable bleachers along with industry-leading warranties.