Is It Time for a Professional Inspection of My Equipment?

Is It Time for a Professional Inspection of My Equipment?

Posted by admin on Jan 17th 2022

Is It Time for a Professional Inspection of My Equipment?

When you buy athletic equipment from First Team, you'll get an industry-leading warranty with every purchase. However, just because a product has a 10-year warranty doesn't mean you should go a decade without having it inspected. Athletic equipment is always safest when it is regularly inspected and maintained. Keeping an eye on each piece of equipment is a great way to help ensure the safety of all players.

Personal vs. Professional Inspections

It's smart to do your own regular inspections on your sports equipment. Mark weekly or monthly inspections on your calendar to remind you to look over your equipment for any possible damages or deterioration. For example, you can double-check that no screws are loose and make sure no rust has developed. Use your assembly guide or owner's manual to make yourself familiar with all parts and pieces, especially for larger items like soccer goals or football goals.

In addition, you'll want to schedule professional inspections for your equipment. This will require an outside contractor or equipment specialist who can look more closely at your equipment. In addition to looking for the same potential issues that you'll look for in your personal inspections, a pro athletic equipment inspector will focus on potential safety hazards and complying with safety guidelines.

When to Schedule A Pro Inspection

The frequency of professional equipment inspections should be determined by two factors. First, check the manufacturer's guidelines for inspections. Some manufacturers will have their own recommendations about how often a professional inspection should be scheduled.

In addition, you'll need to check with any governing bodies associated with the sports you're playing. For example, high schools and colleges must comply with their state's regulations for sports safety. Be sure you're in touch with these governing associations so you can stay up to date on the requirements for your equipment inspections.

First Team offers a great selection of top-notch athletic equipment. Contact us if you have any questions about inspections for the sports gear on our site.