Portable vs. Permanent Volleyball Systems

Portable vs. Permanent Volleyball Systems

Posted by admin on Jan 20th 2022

Should I Get a Portable or Permanent Volleyball System?

Volleyball has become one of the most popular participant sports in the world, leading to an increased demand for volleyball systems and equipment. If you are shopping for a volleyball system, you might be wondering which one is the best one for you to buy.


Should I get a portable or permanent volleyball system?

Volleyball systems come in two main categories: recreational systems used for backyards, beaches and parks, and institutional systems used by schools, businesses and leagues. You must decide whether to opt for a permanent, in-ground volleyball system or a portable system that can go where you go, and can be set up anywhere you might want to play. If the ability to move a volleyball system to different places is important, or your indoor facility cannot install floor sockets, you should look for a system designed for portability.

Portable and In-Ground Systems

First Team makes three types of indoor competition volleyball poles: the Frontier system made from steel; the Astro volleyball system made of lightweight aluminum that is easy to transport; and the Galaxy indoor volleyball system made of titanium so the steel poles are rigid but the system is still lightweight. First Team offers three recreational volleyball systems: BlastQuickSet and Stellar. QuickSet volleyball poles are entry-level and very economical. The Blast volleyball system is manufactured from 4"x4" square steel posts and is a great choice for grass or sand courts. The Stellar volleyball set, made to be used either indoors or outdoors, is made with 3 1/2" diameter aluminum tube.

Finally, for the ultimate in portability, you can find at First Team the RollaBlast and Horizon volleyball systems. The Horizon competition portable volleyball set is for competition level volleyball, and the RollaBlast is made for upper level recreational volleyball. These systems are great for indoor facilities where floor sockets are not wanted or not possible.

Should I get portable or permanent benches for my team?

Permanent in-ground players' benches that are installed right into the concrete are ideal for baseball dugouts, soccer fields and football or lacrosse fields. A portable bench is the proper choice for a team on the move. Portable benches can be used either indoors or outdoors.