Should I get Portable or Permanent Sports Benches?

Should I get Portable or Permanent Sports Benches?

Posted by admin on Jan 13th 2022

Should I get Portable or Permanent Sports Benches?

What kind of team do you have? Is your organization one that is better suited to having permanent sports benches, or will portable benches suffice? Permanent in-ground players' benches that are installed right into the concrete are ideal for baseball dugouts, soccer fields and football or lacrosse fields. A portable bench is the proper choice for a team on the move. Portable benches can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Permanent Benches

Teammate Fixed Benches available at First Team are made with anodized aluminum planking measuring 9 5/8" x 1 3/4" for seats and back rests. Support legs and backrest brackets are made with steel construction and the legs are spaced on 6-foot centers. Teammate fixed player benches come in three lengths: 8 feet, 15 feet and 21 feet, and each length can be ordered either with or without back rests. "Fixed" benches are cemented right into the ground for a permanent installation. All the planks on the Teammate Fixed Benches include end caps so there aren't any sharp edges. Teammate Fixed Benches are available in custom colors so you can order them to match the look of your own team, and the seat planks and back rests can be custom powder coated in up to nine different colors for whichever length bench you order.

Portable Benches

Teammate Portable Benches include a lot of the same features and options present in the fixed benches, and these are also available at First Team. The portable benches also employ 9 5/8" x 1 3/4" anodized aluminum planking on both the seats and the back rests. The support legs and brackets on the back rests are powder coated painted black, with legs are spaced on centers that are 6 feet. The portable player benches feature rubber floor protectors so that wherever you temporarily park the benches, they will not cause damage, scratching or scuffing to the floors. Teammate portable player benches are available in 8 feet, 15 feet and 21 feet lengths, and you can get any of these three sizes with or without back rests. Nine different custom colors are available, enough to suit the official look of almost any team.