What are Basketball Rims Made of?

What are Basketball Rims Made of?

Posted by admin on Nov 15th 2021

What are basketball rims made of?

Typical basketball rims are manufactured using high tensile carbon steel. The basketball hoop or ring (the part the ball goes through) is made from 5/8" diameter solid steel rod. This rod is formed into a ring that measures 18" across the inside. This is known as "inside diameter" (I.D.). The back plate of the rim is the part that attaches to the front face of the backboard. The back plate is commonly made from 3/16" think steel.

First Team is one of the few manufacturers that also features thicker back plates made from 1/4" thick steel. A thicker back plate is desirable because the rim back plate absorbs the stress of a dunk when players hang on the rim.

What to Avoid when Shopping for a new Basketball Rim

Basketball rims should be hand welded, stay away from automated "spot welded" rims. These rims do not have the holding strength to give long term durability. Finally, the steel the rim is constructed from should be protected from rust using a high quality powder coat finish for durability. Stay away from rims coated with standard "wet" paint. Powder coat will provide the scratch resistance needed to protect against rust long term.