Competition Tempered Glass Backboards

Tempered Glass Backboards for Serious Players

Make it official on the court with a competition tempered glass basketball backboard from First Team. Our rugged, durable glass backboards can replace your old, damaged or broken ones, and they're designed to stand up to the most aggressive gameplay. We even carry backboards that are guaranteed not to break even when players hang from the rim.

Replacement Basketball Backboards from First Team

All of the competition glass basketball backboards we carry meet the most stringent manufacturing standards. That's why we're able to offer superior warranty coverage on each of them - and it's why you can be confident in the safety, durability and reliability of our backboards.

We carry traditional 48-inch-by-72-inch backboards, official 42-inch-by-72-inch tempered glass backboards and fan-shaped 39-inch-by-54-inch backboards that meet all NCAA and high school specifications. All of the backboards we carry are designed to replace your older models, whether they've been broken during gameplay or they're simply beginning to show signs of age and your gym needs an update.

Although goals and padding are not included with most of our competition tempered glass backboards, we do have them available; we're your one-stop shop for everything basketball.

Why Choose a Replacement Basketball Backboard from First Team?

Our replacement basketball backboards are made from the finest materials, and they're designed for simple installation and rigorous use. You'll find backboards with great features in our selection, including:

  • Cushioned, 0.5-inch tempered glass

  • Regulation border and shooters squares fired into glass

  • Built-in goal leveling features that ensure perfect rim leveling

  • Durable design that can even stand up to players hanging on the rim

We provide an extensive selection of tempered glass basketball backboards because we understand how important safety and durability are to you and your team. Each of the backboards you find here is competitively priced and made to last, and that's exactly why customers choose First Team.