Fixed Rims

Fixed Basketball Rims from Half Court Sports

Rigorous gameplay requires a fixed basketball rim that can take a beating and still provide superior performance. First Team has exactly what you need for your indoor or outdoor court, including rims that feature Never-Fail continuous net-locks that help eliminate breakage so you can keep the game going strong.

Our extensive selection of fixed basketball rims includes several that fit most standard backboards. With durable, powder coated finishes that can stand up to dunks, and brick shots, each of our rims are rugged enough for high school and college play, as well as aggressive-but-friendly pickup games. These rust-resistant rims are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, even in humid environments.

Some of our basketball rims are designed specifically for use with rear-mount backboards.

Each comes with a net and mounting hardware, which means you'll be able to install the rim and start playing right away. We offer unparalleled warranty coverage on all of our fixed basketball rims, so you can play with confidence when you buy from us.

At First Team, it's our mission to provide you with the best selection of fixed basketball rims, whether you need one for a rear-mount backboard or a standard backboard. We're also committed to offering rims at the most reasonable prices, because we know how important basketball is to you - and we don't feel you should have to skimp on quality because your budget doesn't allow for it.

All of our sturdy, reliable fixed basketball rims are built to the most stringent standards, so you know you're getting the best possible product when you shop with us. It's our rim to become your one-stop shop for rims, nets and other basketball necessities; that's why we provide such an extensive selection of products at the most competitive prices you'll find.