Flex Rims

Why Choose a Flex Basketball Rim from Half Court Sports?

Designed for playground and home use, our flex basketball rims can withstand the most aggressive game play without caving in to rough play. Each of the flex rims you find here are low maintenance, so you can spend more time playing and less time on maintenance.

We carry super-duty flex basketball rims that you can use in gymnasiums, public parks or your own driveway. Each features a durable powder coated finish that stands up to inclement weather, sweat, and the dents and dings that come from aggressive play.

When you choose a flex basketball rim from First Team, you're making a decision that can guarantee gameplay, keep your players safe and ensure that you're not replacing rims every season. These heavy-duty rims are designed for rigorous use, so they'll hold up under pressure - and you'll save money by investing in their resilient durability.

All of the flex basketball rims you find here come with nets and mounting hardware, which means you can install them right out of the box. With continuous net-locks, fully enclosed mechanisms and other great features, you know you're getting the safest, most reliable rims on the market when you choose First Team.

First Team Warranties on Flex Rims

First Team warranties are among the best in the industry. We cover our products for long term use, which is something many manufacturers can't do. See individual product info for details.

Basketball Flex Rims 

Whether you're looking for an economy flex rim featuring an exposed double-spring design or you want a heavy-duty flex rim that's safe for children and adults to use, First Team has you covered. Our extensive selection of basketball flex rims includes something for every need at a variety of price points so you can choose exactly what works for you.