Ironclad™ Basketball Rims GC-32 / TPT-32 / FCH-32 / HIL-32

#Ironclad Rims GC-32 / TPT-32 / FCH-32 / HIL-32 Brand:
$213.00 - $256.00
Our Ironclad™ Basketball Rims include GC-32 that fits the Gamechanger Units, the TPT-32 that fits the Triple Threat Units, the FCH-32 for the Full Court units and the HIL-32 that fits the Highlight Hoop Series of units.

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Product Overview

Ironclad™ Basketball Rim


  • GC-32 fits Gamechanger units

  • TPT-32 fits Triple Threat units

  • FCH-32 fits Full Court units

  • HIL-32 fits Highlight Hoops units

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