Basketball System Padding

Basketball System Padding

Basketball Pole Safety Padding

Keep your players safe when they stumble out of bounds with a basketball pole safety pad from First Team. Our soft, cushioned basketball post pads are designed to protect players from contact with the post, and they're engineered to withstand impact time and time again.

Our premium pole pads are made from the finest materials, including high-density foam and easy-to-clean vinyl. These sewn covers are available in 16 colors, and each is covered by our exclusive, industry-leading warranty that guarantees our manufacturing process.

These basketball pole safety pads are available in a variety of sizes, and you can purchase pads designed to work with poles that incorporate EZ-Crank systems. Although they're lightweight, the protection they provide isn't; these pads are made to absorb shock and prevent your players from being hurt while they play.

We use all-weather materials so you can use our basketball safety padding in any environment, from outdoor courts at recreation centers to indoor gymnasium courts where students and faculty need to stay safe.

Basketball Hoop - Pole Base Safety Padding (Gusset Pads)

In addition to premium pole pads, we carry a variety of pole base safety pads, also called gusset pads, that can protect your players during nasty falls. They're pyramid-shaped, which also helps protect players feet. Like our pole pads, these are available in 16 team colors so you can create a custom look on your court.

Basketball Hoop - Ballast Box Safety Padding

Eliminate your players' risk of injury from accidental contact with weight box corners by adding First Team's ballast box safety padding. These pads slip on and off with no need for fastening, and they're designed for all-weather use. They're an ideal and economical way to ensure your players' safety.