Basketball Goal Buying Guide

Basketball Goal Buying Guide

Posted by admin on Oct 15th 2019

Basketball Goal Buying Guide

Basketball Goal Basics

A quality basketball goal is a must-have piece of sporting equipment for any school, gymnasium, recreational facility, church gym, or playground. Basketball goals are also extremely popular among homeowners, as they are a fun and easy way to keep the whole family active and playing together. At First Team, we make basketball goal systems to suit every situation. Whether you are looking for a basketball goal for kids, an ultra-durable system for a busy playground, a portable basketball goal, or competition level basketball equipment that meets all official NCAA and high school requirements, we have exactly what you need. From complete sets to individual basketball hoops, First Team has all of the sports equipment basketball lovers need for outdoor or indoor games. Our basketball buying guide will help you determine which type of basketball system is best for your facility or home. Call us today to learn more about our wide variety of Made In the USA basketball backboard systems and accessories.

Home Courts

When you shop for a basketball system to use in your driveway or backyard, the first step is to look at the space and consider who will be using the basketball hoop.

What questions should I consider when deciding what kind of basketball hoop to buy or my home?

  • Will kids be using the goal? If so, choose an adjustable system so the basketball goal height can be lowered for younger players. Adjustable basketball goals are made with a variety of height options. The First Team Olympian, for example, is infinitely adjustable from regulation 10' all the way down to 5'6". Safety precautions are a must for young or aggressive players, which is why we offer heavy duty padding for the majority of our posts and backboards. If your home court is likely to see a lot of dunking action, be sure to shop for an in ground or portable goal that will not tip over when players hang from the rim.
  • Are inground basketball goals permitted? Some homeowners associations do not permit an in ground basketball goal to be installed. If that is the case, a portable basketball system is the solution. All of First Team's portable basketball goals are designed to be easy enough for one person to move, yet are also extremely durable and stable when locked into place. They are not like the flimsy basketball goal Walmart or other discount stores sell as portable basketball sets. Every First Team portable basketball hoop is built to last, and they come with the warranties to back them up. Many of our portable goals even have a folding extension arm that makes it simple to maneuver them under door frames and through garage doors to store by your outdoor power equipment. If you are permitted to mount your system in ground, keep in mind that a top quality basketball goal can be relocated to your new home if you should move in the future.
  • Do you have limited space? When there is not enough room for outdoor sports equipment in your driveway, backyard, or side patio, roof mount basketball hoops are a great option. Our RoofMaster Adjustable Roof Mount backboards are uniquely designed to work with any roof or vertical wall surface, no matter how extreme the pitch of the roof may be. No other roof mount basketball goals have the same range of height adjustment as the RoofMaster; it can be set anywhere from 6' to 10' to accommodate the youngest kid to the most serious player polishing his game for competitive team sports. To complete your home recreation set up, remember that First Team also makes swimming pool basketball hoops. Just swim up and dunk!

First Team is dedicated to helping our customers find the right home equipment basketball backboard, so call us today with any questions about this basketball buying guide.

Recreational Facilities and Playgrounds

Basketball goals for recreational facilities and playgrounds are available in a wide variety of custom configurations. Whether you need an indoor basketball hoop, playground sports equipment, basketball backboards for heavy action, or commercial basketball goals, First Team has the right package to fit your requirements and your facility's budget. We are proud to be considered one of the top brands for quality and durability among companies that manufacture recreational equipment, basketball backboards, and seating. These are some things to consider when buying a fixed height, portable basketball hoop, or wall mount basketball goals for your playground or gymnasium.

What questions should I consider when buying a basketball goal for a recreational facility?

  • What are the basketball court dimensions? If you are installing the goal in a regulation size basketball court, then choose a goal with a 5' extension arm to create the regulation 4' overhang for the safe play area (the distance between the backboard and base). For smaller courts in rec centers, churches, or junior high schools, a 3' - 4' overhang may be sufficient. When very aggressive play is expected, opt for a 5' or larger overhang and plenty of safety padding to avoid dangerous collisions with the base or corners of the backboard. The First Team Hurricane portable goal, for example, has a 96" extension, meeting all NCAA and National High School Federation requirements.
  • What will the level of play be? Adjustable goals are a must if the hoop will be shared by players with a wide range of ages and abilities. On the other hand, fixed height basketball goals are ideal when a regulation 10' height is desired at all times. Also consider how aggressive the level of play will be. For gyms and playgrounds where fast action, slam dunking, and hanging from the rim are how the sport will be played, it is critical that you choose a basketball goal designed to withstand rigorous play. Sets like our Tyrant fixed height goals are virtually indestructible under any conditions. Men running into the base, players hanging off the rim, harsh weather - nothing phases the Tyrant! In fact, we are so certain that the Tyrant is tough enough to hold up to anything the playground can dish out that we back it with our incredible Lifetime Unconditional Warranty.
  • What Backboard Size and Materials Are Required? Backboards typically range in size from 54" wide to regulation 72" wide. Smaller backboards are appropriate for younger players, smaller spaces, and when budget is a factor. For competition level play, 72" wide is the standard. We offer many different backboard materials to suit a range of conditions and budgets. When you look at NBA basketball goal pictures, the backboards you see are made of 1/2" thick tempered glass, which provides an outstanding rebound action. 3/8" thick tempered glass is suitable for courts where a rigid backboard is desired at a slightly lower price. Other backboard materials include acrylic, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. First Team also offers specialty materials for outdoor courts, including glare-reducing smoked tempered glass and wind-resistant perforated aluminum.

Regulation Competition Systems

For competition level play made to meet all NCAA men's and women's and National High School Federation requirements, First Team has the right basketball goal for the job. Our top-of-the-line fixed height and wall mount backboards are available in tempered glass with white markings fired into the glass so they will never fade. The superior 360 degree competition breakaway rim is so strong it can support multiple players hanging from it. Our competition tempered glass backboards come pre-drilled for easy installation of optional TuffGuard padding. Choose from rectangular or traditional fan shaped backboards for both new and existing courts. Padding is available in many colors to match the colors of team apparel, and custom lettering is available on many sets as well. Systems like the FoldaMount wall mount backboard are ideal when you need a competition level backboard that can be folded against the wall when not in use. The exceptionally easy to use system comes with a crank that allows it to be folded without the use of any ladders or tools. Forget standing on a table trying to fold back the goal at the end of a game; our FoldaMount makes it a snap!

First Team: Manufacturing Basketball Goals and Much More

Since 1996, First Team, Inc. has been manufacturing top quality sporting goods equipment for basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, and football. Bring your football or basketball, cleats or shoes, and we will provide the rest. Based in Hutchinson, Kansas, we are dedicated to Made In the USA domestic manufacturing, quality assurance, friendly customer service, and providing the safest, most durable and dependable products available every time. We are proud to be the top choice of athletic directors, coaches, facility directors, equipment managers and homeowners across the nation. Our basketball court buying guide will help you assemble the right combination of indoor or outdoor sports equipment, basketball accessories, and seating for your court. Call us today for help finding the best basketball goal for your home, recreation center, playground, or gymnasium.