Equipment Padding and Why You Need It

Equipment Padding and Why You Need It

Posted by admin on Jan 14th 2022

Equipment Padding and Why You Need It

Upgrade the appearance of your gymnasium while making it a significantly safer venue for basketball games and other sporting events by installing the proper wall padding and column padding.

Basketball is a game that can be played at a breakneck pace, but that doesn't mean the players in your gym should risk their safety - or otherwise risk incurring potentially serious injuries - because of a lack of adequate padding to cushion impacts around the rim and basket support.

Equipment Padding

Wall and column padding, which can also enhance the level of sound-deadening to keep your gym from becoming a cacophony of noise, can make any gym a safer place for competition. BodyGuard padding from First Team comes in a choice of 16 team colors with 2" thick foam protection wrapped in a vinyl covering that is also fire resistant. Pads are mounted permanently to the wall through a 7/16" thick plywood backing. The padding comes with a 1" lip top and bottom so it can be attached to the wall. High Impact wall padding and column padding comes with the image of your choice digitally printed as well as all the same safety features contained in the BodyGuard padding.

Player Safety

Safety padding is also essential for the poles of a basketball backboard system. Constructed of high-density foam and vinyl, First Team basketball pole safety padding is available in a variety of sizes to keep players safe when they stumble out of bounds. All-weather materials are employed so the safety padding can also be used on outdoor courts at recreation centers as well as in indoor gymnasium courts. First Team also carries pole base safety pads, also known as "gusset pads," that can cushion hard falls.

Basketball players require more padding because they wear less protection and are more exposed to the potential of injury than athletes playing other sports, and, on top of that, they are playing in more confined areas where it's not always easy to slow down while heading full-speed out of bounds. Nonetheless, padding for goals, nets and goal post columns in football, soccer and volleyball is also important and available from First Team.