How to Hang Wall Padding

How to Hang Wall Padding

Posted by admin on Jan 16th 2022

How to Hang Wall Padding

Buying wall padding for your gymnasium or sports facility is a smart move. It's sure to keep players safer and reduce injuries during practices and games. However, it's important to make sure your wall padding is installed correctly since it's so important for player safety. Use this guide to make hanging your gym wall padding easy and efficient.

Three Methods of Installation

Most types of gym wall padding can be installed using one of these three methods:

  1. Furring Strips: Pieces of wood are mounted to the wall, then the pads are nailed directly to the wood. This is best for a more permanent installation that you prefer not to be easily removed.
  2. Z-Clips: The Z-clips are attached to the back of the panels, while Z-Clip bars are attached to the wall. Then, the pads can easily slide into place. This is best for pads that you prefer to be easily removed when necessary.
  3. Concrete Screws: Tapcon screws are used to attach gym wall padding directly to concrete walls. These are more expensive than using furring strips, but are sometimes preferred for permanent installation.

Tips for Installation

There are several things to consider when hanging your gym wall padding, including:

  • Safety guidelines: Measure your space to ensure that the wall padding is hung in the correct place. Some facilities must meet certain safety guidelines, like extending the padding four feet to each side of the free throw lane.
  • Cutouts: Another reason that measuring is important is to ensure that any cutouts (such as those for outlets or windows) are accurately placed.
  • Flooring: You may need to hang wall padding differently according to the flooring type in your facility. For example, pads should hang about 4 inches off the floor for a poured or tile floor, or 4 ½ inches for a wood floor.

Check Manufacturer Instructions First

When you purchase wall padding, check the manufacturer's instruction first to find out what they recommend in terms of installation. You may find that any of the above methods can be used to hang your wall padding. However, some manufacturers will recommend a specific type of installation.

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