Things To Consider When Purchasing a Portable Basketball Goal

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Portable Basketball Goal

Posted by admin on Dec 29th 2021

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Portable Basketball Goal

A basketball goal is an essential part of any recreational facility, school gymnasium, or home court. At First Team Sports, we manufacture a wide variety of basketball goals to fit all situations, including fixed height backboards, adjustable basketball goals, competition basketball backboard systems, and roof mount basketball goal systems. For those situations where an in ground basketball goal is not an option, a portable basketball goal is the answer. It is ideal for homes in communities that do not allow permanent installation of basketball goals, as well as for multi-purpose recreational facilities, churches, and gyms that do not have wall mount basketball goals. There is a tremendous range in the adjustability, portability, and durability of portable goals, so it is important to do your homework before buying a portable basketball hoop system. You will choose something very different if you need a basketball goal for kids as compared to basketball equipment that meets NCAA and High School regulations for competitive indoor games. This basketball goal buying guide covers key things to consider when purchasing a portable basketball goal. Please call us for answers to your specific questions about which portable goal is right for you.

Durability: Stability and Weight Are Key

The very first question to consider when you start to shop for portable basketball hoops is: who will be using the equipment? If a little kid will be using the outdoor sports equipment on your patio, a simple system that allows you to lower the basketball goal height may be just what you need. First Team's OmniChamp portable basketball system fits the bill when budget and space are the top priorities. On the other hand, if teenagers, men, or women will be using the goal for aggressive recreation or team sports, lightweight sets are not stable enough. The type of basketball goal Walmart sells will tip over if players hang on the rim, posing a potential player safety concern. Outdoor sports equipment also needs to hold up to the elements, especially wind. When you need an outdoor or indoor basketball hoop that can withstand slam dunk action and players hanging on it, it is time to move up to First Team's ThunderStorm, or Hurricane heavy duty equipment basketball backboard systems. One look at the basketball goal pictures reveals why we are able to back the Thunder, Storm, and Hurricane with our unmatched Lifetime Superior Warranty: they have broad stable bases, large overhangs, and safety padding to endure fierce competition. The Hurricane also comes with the complete sets of the back tie downs required to meet NCAA competition standards. With a shipping weight of nearly 1600 pounds, you won't find a more stable and durable basketball system made by any of the top brands of commercial basketball goals.

Range of Adjustability

Is the basketball goal adjustable? That is the next question that needs to be considered when purchasing portable equipment basketball backboard sets. The great thing about adjustable hoops is that they allow you to set a custom height based on the age and ability of the players. An adjustable basketball goal height is particularly recommended when shopping for a basketball goal for kids. The majority of First Team's portable basketball goal are adjustable from regulation 10 feet down to as low as 7 ½ to 5 ½ feet, depending on the model. Our RollaSport is the only portable basketball goal we make that is considered to be a fixed height sports equipment basketball backboard set, although it too has some rim height flexibility. These are questions to ask about the adjustability of portable basketball goal systems:

  • What is the range of height adjustment? Every First Team model goes up to the full regulation 10 feet height, while many of the warehouse store goals only go up to 7 feet high. The lowest rim height adjustment on our portable goals goes as low as 5 ½ feet on our Storm goal.
  • What is the adjustment mechanism? The spring aided crank system that First Team uses is far superior to typical spring-slide methods. Our goals all feature a built in rim height indicator for precision, and most models offer infinite adjustability.
  • How easy is it to change the rim height? You should not need to use special tools or stand on a table to adjust the height of the goal.
  • Remember to keep the age and ability of your players in mind when considering adjustability, and feel free to contact us for additional guidance.

Ease of Portability

By definition, portable basketball goals are self contained units that are not installed in one place like inground basketball goals. That is not to say that all portable systems are equally easy to move, however. For instance, the most basic junior basketball goal Walmart sells does not have wheels to facilitate rolling it from the driveway to the garage for storage. Every First Team portable basketball system has easy gliding wheels to make it simple for one person to roll. Our Invader model uses a simple tip and roll technique, while the other units offer a variety of folding mechanisms to lower the backboard for rolling under a door. Like all of our indoor and outdoors sports equipment, basketball goals are made to be extremely user friendly. Residential portable sets such as the RollaSport and RollaJam roll right into your garage to be stored by the outdoor power equipment between games. If basketball is your sport, you definitely want a portable basketball goal that is easy to move into place so you can start playing right away!

Other Important Considerations

In addition to durability, adjustability, and portability, quality of construction and available features should be considered. First Team's Invader and RollaSport portable basketball hoops are made with high quality clear acrylic backboards. All other models are available with your choice of acrylic, tempered glass, or smoked tempered glass backboards. Either recreational or heavy duty flex goals are offered with our portable systems. Base padding for player safety is available with most models, in a range of colors. Our basketball buying guide has more information on available features, and we also have plenty of basketball goal pictures and specs on our website to help you make the best decision for your needs. Like every piece of sporting equipment First Team makes, every portable basketball goal is manufactured with pride in the USA. Since 1996, First Team, Inc. has been manufacturing top quality sporting goods equipment for basketball, men's lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, and football. You will find First Team basketball equipment and other products at top sporting equipment stores nationwide; our ever-growing network of over 1000 authorized dealers ensures that our products are available at your favorite place to shop for gear for basketball, cleats and running shoes, swim suits, athletic apparel, and all of your athletic equipment. Call us today to find the best portable basketball goal for your home, recreational facility, or school.

What things should I consider when buying a portable basketball goal?

  • Durability
  • Range of Adjustability
  • Ease of Portability
  • Quality